Information design

Boombep is an Amsterdam based creative studio for data visualisation and web applications, with a specialisation in information design. Although data is just a bunch of numbers, with some real effort it can tell great & meaningful stories.

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Data visualisation is about making the complicated amazingly simple. Information & data in an easy to consume, visually appealing way. Stop boring people with Excel sheets. Tell the real story behind your numbers.


Infographics have the ability to present large amounts of data in a clear & (visually) appealing way. They are simple to share and ‘snackable content’ for your easily distracted audience.


Spreading your information & data via a single page site, focussed on mainly one topic, gives you the opportunity to reach an audience that goes beyond your (offline) publications.


With an infomotion video you can easily communicate data, stats & other complex information. They have the ability to communicate your message, to your audience, in very short amount of time.


Teun Spierings

Information Design

Danny Degenkamp

Creative Development




Rokin 95-3
1012 KM Amsterdam